Real Estate Listing Hall of Shame


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Many of you are like me and enjoy looking at homes online.  This was unthinkable years ago when the only way to see the inside of someone else’s property was to be escorted by a Realtor or to go to an open house.  Now that we have and Zillow, we can check out homes without ever leaving our own home.

We’ve taken a look around the Coral Springs real estate market and we’ve seen a few interesting listings online. For instance, I’m still confused as to why I have to scroll through endless photos of toilets. I’m certain in this day, most homes that I’m looking at come with equipped with indoor plumbing, however, most agents feel compelled to include that dreaded toilet shot and they don’t even have the decency to close the lid.

Anyway, Many listings are great, some are okay, and a few were truly frightening. We’ve compiled a few for your enjoyment.

Feel free to submit any that you find online to us here at Coral Springs Talk.


Obstructed View


I couldn’t figure out why the agent felt this pole was pertinent to this listing. Maybe they wanted prospective buyers to notice the quality of stucco.  After all, it’s rarely seen in these parts.

Gloomy Roomy


Here’s a listing for over $300K and the agent is using a cellphone camera which improperly underexposes the bedroom making it look dark and dreary and the window overexposed.  Maybe if someone works the third shift, they’d be interested in this room.


This owner was obviously “tired” of doing laundry


Why oh Why would their agent use this photo in this listing?  And couldn’t they have at least moved the tire, ironing board and other stuff behind the door?

Is this the best photo you could get of my $800K home?


What drives me crazy on listings are expensive homes shot with cellphone cameras.  If this home even sold close to listing price and the agent made 3 percent; that’s 24,000.  Their broker can afford a top notch photographer at that price. This photo also appears as if the weather was bad or the lens of the cellphone was dirty. A poor job on such an expensive home.

Watermark on my water


This agent or their company’s photographer was too cheap to buy the software that produces high dynamic range for photos, so they’re still using the freebee watermarked version.  Looks great all over their beautiful home.  The buck stops with the agent and the client should not stand for this.

Obsessions Hobbies are great…but not when selling a home


 Everyone needs a hobby, but no one gives a darn about your obsession with Mickey Mouse except you.  In fact, no one that looks at your home is going to find your hobbies cute at all.  That is why your realtor must gently encourage you to neutralize that stuff. That is, if you really want to sell your home.  This particular home has been on the market for 147 days.  If you have an overwhelming collection, don’t blame your agent because you haven’t sold your home.

mr pool

Being in your Real Estate photo is just creepy


Unlike film, digital cameras can take multiple shots and they’re free.  Lose the shots of the people.  It’s just weird. People want to imagine themselves in your home.  Not you…or him. Why this agent used this shot is just plain carelessness.

HDR is strange and unnatural


The illustrated look of High Dynamic Range photography when over-done like this looks fake.  The outline around the trees is a dead giveaway of HDR. Hire a good photographer that uses professional equipment.  Not a computer app.

Don’t clean up on my account!l5c9fd244-m6xd-w640_h480_q80

After all, I’m just trying to sell your investment. Besides, no one will notice the mess with this soft lens focus of my cellphone camera anyway.

Through the Roof

430KhomedarkandunevenThe person taking the photo must be so tall or the ceilings must be extremely low in this $475,000 home because there are several photos where the ceiling hangs low in this listing – almost as if an elevator door opened before it got to the floor.

Bonus Room


This home includes a theatre room

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