Coral Springs Candidates Talk, and Some People Showed Up to Listen


By: Ira Rather

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As a guest contributor to Coral Springs Talk, it’s my job to do the dirty jobs so that you don’t have to. Attending last night’s forum of the candidates for Coral Springs Mayor and City Commissioners was one such job, held at St. Andrew’s Church and moderated by the League of Women Voters.

With about 200 people in attendance, and 100 of those part of the candidates’ personal, intimate entourages (they were wearing their candidate’s tee-shirts!), the evening wasn’t exactly a shining example of voter participation or enthusiasm. In fact, I think the candidates would have reached more voters simply by driving around town shouting with their windows rolled down. Be that as it may, let us not disparage this noble attempt at small town democracy.

Also in attendance in the audience were Mayor Vince Boccard, as well as Commissioners Larry Vignola and Dan Daley, who attended because…they attended because…well, I still can’t figure out why they attended. Yes, they wanted to assure that their chosen sycophants received their “much needed” support, but gratefully, thanks to the League of Women Voters, they couldn’t speak and had to shut up for the entire night!

It was a beautiful thing to see. And to not hear.

And a note to Dan Daley:

When you learned who I was and you glared at me from across the hall, did you see me giving you the finger? If not, I’m giving it to you again now.

There were some surprises and some non-surprises regarding my preconceived notions of the candidates coming into this forum. Fortunately, or not so fortunately depending on the candidate you support, this election hinges on three issues.

  • The new $28 million City Hall
  • The drop in the city’s bond rating
  • Economic development.

Here’s how I analyze the forum, and remember that these were not actual debates.

For Mayor: Commissioner Tom Powers versus Former State Senator Skip Campbell

It’s pretty easy to look at Tom Powers’ recent record, but it’s not such a pretty thing to see. As a proponent of the new $28 million City Hall, Powers insists on calling it a “Municipal Complex” instead. Not only does he claim that citizens actually want this thing—without ever actually asking them if they do or not—he attempts to use the theme (use it poorly, I might add), that this City Hall (okay, complex) will move Coral Springs forward. No, he never actually explains how building a huge complex for city employees helps the city, but let’s remember that this guy spent his entire career busting 16-year-olds for pot.

Campbell ripped him a new one on this, and it wasn’t even a contest. Luxurious City Hall or Municipal Complex not wanted or needed here. Everyone not wearing a “Powers For Mayor” tee-shirt cheered Campbell.

Next big issue was the city’s decline in Moody’s Bond rating. Powers explained that this was due to ongoing negotiations on fire and police pensions. Campbell told the audience the truth, that pension negotiations were only one of several reasons Moody’s made the downgrade. The main reason for the downgrade was the firm’s losing confidence in overall revenue versus expenditure projections. Powers lied, thought he could slip a fast one through, and failed.

Campbell went on to explain the idiocy of spending $70,000 with a Nashville firm to come up with the horrible “Everything Under The Sun” slogan, and for spending more than a million bucks on two “Everything Under The Sun” signs as you enter the city. Powers had no answer to this, and simply sucked his thumb and rocked back and forth as his opponent ate him up.

Campbell for Mayor if you know what’s good for you and your property values!

Commission Seat 4: Howard Melamed versus Lou Cimaglia

Pretty much of a no-brainer:

Cimaglia supports everything Powers has done and everything he wants to do. Cimaglia is ”Current City Commission Part Two,” and he’s basically campaigning on exactly that premise.

“Nothing new here, everything is perfect, give me the job.”

Melamed, on the other hand, has been ringing the alarm of wasteful and ignorant spending for years. Melamed has done his homework, and he gets mad when he sees stupidity in municipal government. (Don’t you?) Melamed is right in line with Campbell against a Taj Mahal City Hall, and doesn’t understand why city surpluses never make it back to the taxpayers, but instead, just get wasted on new and irrelevant projects. (Like those ridiculous signs.)

Big surprise is that Cimaglia seems like one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, unless he’s just a fantastic actor. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, and also remember that Jimmy Carter was lovable too. So?

So nice and cute don’t matter in effective government. His attempts at folksiness in no way match Melamed’s business experience and grasp of the issues. He didn’t have answers—he had jokes, most not audible or funny. His answers to the moderator’s questions were incomplete, inconsistent, and inadequate, by all standards. He came prepared for amateur hour, and at this forum, that didn’t cut it.

Melamed for Seat 4, unless you’re going to die in a year and don’t care what happens to this city!

Commission Seat 5: Joy Carter versus Andy Holz versus Laurette Homan

Yes, it seems kind of ridiculous that we have three candidates vying for Seat 5, two candidates vying for Seat 4,  and Dan Daley retains his seat unopposed because no one filed for it. Current Commissioners might explain it as “That’s just the way it is,” but that isn’t the way it should be:

These three candidates chose to file for Seat 5 as opposed to Daley’s seat because they thought it would be “easier” this way. And instead of changing the Charter so that no Commissioner should run unopposed if there are viable, registered candidates running for a Commissioner spot, they decide to keep it like it is.

Because keeping it like it is lets them keep their jobs more easily! (Oh, there’s so much more to tell about this, but Coral Springs Talk can’t handle the bandwidth!) As a result, we’re stuck with Dan Daley for two more years.


But back to Seat 5:

This is a tough one to call. In fact, almost an impossible one. (Except for Homan. More on her below, and I swear—it’s hysterical!)

Carter and Holz hold similar positions on the new City Hall. (They’re against it! A ridiculous waste of money! They have brains.)  They both have great ideas that will actually work for positive economic development. They both show fiscal conservatism, social compassion, an in-depth knowledge of the city, and common sense.

Two examples:

When questioned about the new City Hall, and Powers’ insistence that the people “wanted it,” Carter responded, and I’m paraphrasing, “What people? They had 100 people show up in a room, the same 100 people that show up to everything, questioned them, and that represents the views of the majority of our citizens? Sorry, it doesn’t.”

But Andy Holz wins the gold medal for the best line of the night:

“This Commission spent over a million bucks on two signs as you enter Coral Springs, and the only way people can see these signs is to leave Coral Springs.”

(Come on—how can you not love this guy?)

Carter and Holz both belong on the Commission, and they deserve your vote. Whichever one wins, the other should definitely be back in two years for the spot he or she is obviously qualified for. Carter “appears’ to be favored, but please—get to know Holz. He’s the real deal too.

And remember Laurette Homan? The third candidate for this seat?

Here are some quotes from her, because I don’t think my own words can explain how stupid, obnoxious, or self-centered she is:

“No one knows this city better than I do.”

“I bring a mom’s perspective.”

“Seniors don’t want to be called seniors, and they want more movies in the park.”

“My heart and soul are in this city.”

“People don’t care how much you know once they know how much you care.”

‘Coral Springs is competing globally.”

‘It doesn’t matter how much the new City Hall costs. Why not [build it]!?”

“Even if it is a $28 million Taj Mahal, who cares we’re Coral Springs!”

The next forum will be held at the Coral Springs Charter School Auditorium, Tuesday, October 14 at 7 p.m. Chances are that the new City Hall and past spending boondoggles will dominate this event as well, but it will be interesting to hear the new lines of attack, and new arguments of defense, that the candidates are probably working on right now.

I urge you attend, so you can make the most informed votes possible.

About Ira Rather

avatar Ira Rather is an advertising professional and sometimes publisher of He is a former Brooklynite and 20-year Coral Springs resident. In his spare time, he interacts with private and governmental agencies to implement policies and establish new regulations for the aggressive hunting and eradication of the invasive Burmese Python.


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  • Steven

    Is this NEWS? It IS in the NEWS section.. Seems like you would do your readership a service to print this under the heading of OPINION. Particularly when words such as this “Here’s how I analyze the forum” are used… Or look at this… “Powers had no answer to this, and simply sucked his thumb and rocked back and forth as his opponent ate him up.” Did he literally ‘suck his thumb’ and was he really ‘eaten’?? If he was then I would think Coral Spring police would arrest for Assault .

    My question ‘Where is the editor?’

    • Look closer Steven, this was always categorized under Opinion.

      • Steven

        Your statement is true,.. it is categorized under Opinion and Politics and NEWS.
        Your reply does not say that it is NOT under NEWS

        I have looked closely.. lets let the readers look closely… in fact here it is on this PAGE..

        In FACT is, it has ‘always been categorized under NEWS and STILL is categorized under NEWS.. and your comments above do NOT negate that fact.

        Let the readers / viewers decide. As Editor moving it out of NEWS would be a service to your readers who may be lead to believe that it is, when it is NOT.

        • Are you saying readers aren’t intelligent enough to figure out that this was an opinion piece? You do realize that we are “News and Views” on this website, don’t you?

          • steven

            Ok i guess you have missed the entire point..

            Simply this article is NOT news and should NOT be in the news section.

            I have no more time to help you improve your publication. A simply thank you would be nice however you continue to push back. You will not gain readership that way.

          • Ira

            If I supported Powers, Cimaglia and Homan, would you have the same criticism?

          • Abunchofbullshit

            I realize you have different tabs at the top and you have this story categorized in three. Cut Steven a break, this should not be under NEWS….it is an opinion piece, and a nasty one at that, with Ira’s reference to giving the finger to Dan Daley….why is that important and news? Coral Springs talk is looking like a political site rather than letting the residents what is really happening around the City.

    • Ira

      To my knowledge, metaphors are still legal in Coral Springs!

      Sorry that you thought that these things literally and actually happened. I hope that other Coral Springers don’t call the police because they think Powers was really eaten!

    • David

      You must not read this website and understand the satire of the authors. Lighten up Buddy, more hysterical stuff.

  • Joe Harris

    Wow, your self-congratulatory bloviations are exceeded only by your love of asides (which you cleverly pepper, a la this, with italics). How neato!

    • Ira

      I’ll cut down on the italics if you think they make me appear too biased.

      But I do love my asides.

  • Monika Kaiser

    Though I already know how I will vote in November, your article just confirmed my choices. Thank you. And I take it, you don’t like Dan Daley very much. 😉

    • barb

      It wasn’t an article it was an opinion piece pure and simple and very biased at that.. This site which I have to say I enjoyed in the beginning has become nothing more than an avenue for pushing an agenda. Filled with untruths and out right lies.

      • Ira

        Can you tell me the lies, please?

        Or are you referring to Powers being actually eaten?

  • Onan Coca

    Ira, You are 100% correct. Andy Holz is the real deal. He is very intelligent, hard working and cares deeply for people. The people of Coral Springs are doing themselves a disservice if they don’t vote for him.

  • tjb

    Ira…interesting opinion piece. I
    attended the forum and not being a part of the candidates’ personal, intimate entourages, your
    observations are fairly accurate. It is ashamed
    that more citizens of Coral Springs do not attend events of this nature.

  • Mike Rump

    This article isn’t news and it certainly contains nothing factual. This is by far the most unprofessional article (if you can call it an article) I have ever seen. What kind of writer talks about giving a sitting commissioner “the finger”? Mr. Rather, you should go back to hunting snakes. Hanging out in the swamp seems a natural place for a piece of work like you. Here is a bit of advice for you, GROW UP!! I am stunned that Walter, Howard, Joy or Andy haven’t come on this site to distance themselves from this type of garbage. That fact alone says all I need to know about each of those candidates.

    I was at the debate and I thought it was a very revealing evening. There are certainly two camps here. One camp has a plan for the downtown area, and the other camp doesn’t. One camp has a plan for the city, the other camp is against the plan. One camp is willing to lay out their plan for the voters, the other camp wants to trash not only the plan, but they want to lay waste to everything and everybody associated with the re-invigoration of Coral Springs. Tom Powers closing statement said it all. You either believe in building something in Coral Springs and you vote for Tom and his team, or you hate everybody and everything associated with Tom Powers and his team and what they have done. Not once did I hear anything that Walter Campbell, Howard Melamed, Joy Carter or Andy Holtz are For!! That was very revealing. So the choice is very clear. Vote for a positive plan for the City of Coral Spring or hang out in the swamp and shoot the finger at everybody who is trying to help the city.

    • Ira


      One camp has a plan for wasting $28 million, wasting money in the past, and continuing to dot the city with “For Lease” signs every ten feet.

      That’s your idea of a plan?

      This city has NEVER looked worse, FELT worse, and has never been in such poor fiscal condition.

      Facts, not opinion.

      In addition, Dan Daley is a liar, yet because of poor media coverage in this city, no one knows about it and people like you don’t CARE to learn the truth!

      This guy campaigned on owning a business, yet he really doesn’t. His daddy does. And it’s not even a real business. He’s a trans-shipper for a type of horse feed, probably registered to his HO– USE since the registration address is Parkland , not a real commercial enterprise. So the guy might sell 10 bags of feed a month–and thank you for reminding me to check the records on this.

      Powers campaigned on running an “organization” when he first ran for Commissioner, but when you CHECK on that organization, it had like 8 members. ANOTHER liar, and I doubt the website is even up any longer, or will be taken down shortly after I post this. (It was so ridiculous that I can’t even remember what it was about.)

      Boccard, campaigned, campaigned HEAVILY, against a new city hall, claiming that Coral Springers don’t want it and the city can’t afford it. Most of his position was formulated from the fact that former Mayor Gold WANTED a new city hall, though I doubt one as irresponsible and expensive as this one. But gee, what happened next?

      A few months after being elected mayor, Boccard is FOR a new city hall! TALK ABOUT A FUCKING LIAR!

      These guys are, without a doubt, the most dishonest, uninformed, and biggest tools this commission has ever seen. They are a DISGRACE to Coral Springs.

      Yes, I know that you “know” some of these guys. That they’re personal friends of yours. Because that’s the way politics has operated in Coral Springs under this commission the past few years.

      If there IS a God, that will end soon.

  • David

    This is hysterical! Love your sense of humor and outlook on this event.

    • Ira

      Thanks, Dave.

      This is what actually happened.

  • tjb

    Mike–were we at the same meeting? It appears that you are blindly supporting Tom, Lou and
    Laurette from a purely political bias perspective and not what is truly right for
    the people of Coral Springs and not just for a chosen few.

    If you consider the merits of the others candidates and were neutral; they did offer viable and
    constructive solutions to make Coral Springs a City of Excellence

    I felt the other candidates were positive and constructive by addressing fiscal “conservative” policies, and seeking transparencies from our elected CS officials…Skip and the others are looking to better Coral Spring …they did state what they were FOR.

    • Mike Rump

      All right then, what are they FOR??

      • barb

        I am pretty sure they are for whatever will get them elected.

      • Ira

        1) Not wasting $28 million on a new City Hall.

        2) Not spending a million bucks on entrance signs.

        3) Eliminating no-bid contracts, which these current guys support.

        4) Rebating excessive city surpluses back to homeowners, instead of spending that money just because they have it.

        5) At least one police officer in EVERY school, and two for middle/high schools–something that Powers, Boccard, Holman, Cimaglia, Daley, Vignola et al are AGAINST! (Can you believe it? Against safety for our kids?) But I have to cut some of the folks above a break:

        This commission has been under the thumb and control of Boccard and Powers. Daley always goes along, Vignola goes along too often, and Homan and Cimaglia support the status quo which is they were ENDORSED by the status quo. Seriously:

        Did you actually hear Homan speak? And you would actually VOTE for her!?

        Let me guess–you think Sarah Palin is the greatest.

        6) Even-handed, fair code enforcement, something this city is now sorely lacking.

        7) Investment for aesthetics and quality of life improvements in the “poorer” areas of Coral Springs, like sections of Riverside Drive. (Thanks for bringing this up Andy. This city is EVERYONE’S city.)

        8) Economic development improvements, since this city hasn’t had an economic development plan in 10 years. Current guys have had a number of years and did NOTHING, and blame all failure on the national economy, and all successes on the national economy. Current guys also claim that bringing low-paying retail jobs like Dick’s and BJ’s is economic development. (It isn’t. They’re two stores.)


        This forum was constricted by the League of Women Voters’ moderator’s questions, but if a forum existed where anyone could address the HORRIBLE decisions and HORRIBLE policies Powers and certain commissioners have signed onto over the past few years, the list would be quite lengthy.

        Want me to list them? I will be my pleasure!

    • barb

      What political bias….it is a non-partisan race….only people who have brought up political affiliation are those that think if they say vote for democrats that they will win. To my knowledge this has never come up before Roy Gold made it an issue. Not once have I heard anyone else on the dais talk about it at all.

      • Ira

        Who brought up party affiliation in this race?

        You just said something, claimed something, correct?

        So exactly who, where and when did this happen?

        We’re WAITING for your answer Barb!

        • barb

          Coral Springs Mayor’s Race Featuring Skip Campbell Heating Up
          This one for example.

          • Ira


            That post makes exactly no sense. But thank you for being so brief.

            When it comes to your posts, most of us appreciate brevity.

          • barb

            You asked me who brought up party affiliation, I posted the titles of two articles. Not so hard to follow is it?

          • Ira

            How does the Skip Campbell article relate to party affiliation? Seriously–I’m just asking.

            And are you feeling okay?

            You said you posted the titles of two articles–so what’s the OTHER one?

            And yes. When you try to explain something, it IS hard to follow!

          • barb

            This was in the article… slowly This November, four City Commission seats are up for election. One seat, held by City Commissioner Dan Daley, a registered Republican was uncontested, and Daley was reelected. Mayor Vince Boccard, another registered Republican is term-limited, and conservative Tom Powers who has served six years on the City Commission is vying to replace him. When qualifying closed in June, former Mayor Roy Gold, whose progressive leadership has been lauded was the candidate running against Powers. PARTY AFFILIATION The second article is written by Howard Melamad..scroll down the voters beware one.

          • Ira

            Oh! You were referring to party affiliation being mentioned in the ARTICLE! I thought you were referring to the candidates bringing this up.

            Point taken, but you’re other points are weak to me.

          • barb

            The Voters Beware article…op ed…whatever you want to call it was by one of the candidates. It has been a constant theme since the beginning started by Roy Gold and just added onto by others. That is my biggest problem throughout this whole campaign.

        • barb

          Voters Beware: One Resident Says it’s Time to End the Farce
          Obviously Howie is making it one.

  • Abunchofbullshit

    Hey Ira, you better check some populations of places and realize that Coral Springs is past ‘small towns’ level, and then you may realize it might be time to think a little bigger! I was there, and didn’t take away the same thing as you on any of your points. Face it, you wrote a propaganda piece for your candidates, and are bringing party line politics into an election that is designed not to be that form. You do a disservice to present a news story in this light, since this is listed under that section as well as others. Twisting ‘truths’ is a nice way to cover a misrepresentation or lie, and you and many of the candidates you mention did exactly that!
    Since CS is bigger than an Albany, NY (97K) and half the size of a Buffalo, NY, I hope in the next ‘debate’ the League of Women Voters allows more questions to be asked than about our entry signs and new city hall and that you will report an objective piece and not try to take advantage of this platform.

    • Do you realize that one of the candidates that Ira gave praise to is a Republican? How can you accuse him of bringing “Party Line Politics” into the election?

      • barb

        It is not supposed to even be an issue one way or the other. Doesn’t matter who it is for. Most citizens would not know what political party a candidate aligns with unless told and there is a purpose to that.

        • Great, then why is everyone accusing the author of playing party politics? The fact is, he probably has a preference after what he heard last week by all candidates, no matter if they are Democrat, Independent or Republican.

          • barb

            It is not directed just at the author of this one article. It is about the comments and articles or opinion pieces since December. But no the fact isn’t that his preference is about what he heard last week, not even close. This is not by far his first article where it has been obvious on his views.

          • Obviously you missed our articles on all of the candidates kickoff parties or events that we covered. Please go to Politics and scroll down there and catch up.

          • CFP247365

            Coral Springs Talk, all you have to do to see the authors leanings is take a look at the other articles that he has written. I’m a registered independent and it would be nice to see articles from both sides (right and left) and the independent.

      • Abunchofbullshit

        Easy, I just did. Not sure who you are referring too, as I can only see the sides that are painted through this column and comments. It doesn’t take and Einstein to see what is going on here, the whole thing smells from the Roy Gold last minute ‘commitment and drop out a couple days later onward….it is dirty politics all over this election. The comments Ira writes about Tom Powers having been a cop are written in a demeaning/degrading way, yet I don’t hear Tom Powers pointing fingers at any individuals!

        • Ira

          First, I couldn’t stand Gold either:

          And do you remember that Gold WANTED to develop a city hall like this? And Powers, Boccard et al vehemently OPPOSED it, just because they were playing petty small time politics.

          And Boccard ran for Mayor as being AGAINST new facilities, as being too expensive, unnecessary, and at the bottom of our priorities list?

          Want to see the Sun-Sentinel articles about this, and other proof?

          And that Boccard miraculously changed his mind once elected? He even had the balls to claim that economic conditions had improved so much in that period to now warrant a new city hall!

          Abunchofbullshit suits you just fine, because you don’t have a CLUE what you’re talking. And I don’t have a clue EITHER when it comes to party affiliation for Coral Springs politics–because it doesn’t matter.

    • Ira

      I’ll concede your point about my usage of “small town,” but the politics here sure has a small town flavor. And I sure don’t think that saying we’re half as big as Buffalo actually helps your argument very much.

      And yes–I agree that people should have been allowed to ask questions, but due to time restraints and other reasons, I think the first forum clearly gave all candidates an opportunity to state their cases. (Or bury them, like Homan.) But even if questions ARE allowed, I think you’re mistaken about something and may regret what you wrote above:

      “I hope in the next ‘debate’ the League of Women Voters allows more
      questions to be asked than about our entry signs and new city hall and
      that you will report an objective piece and not try to take advantage of
      this platform.”

      My piece is objective based on the candidates’ responses. This wasn’t rocket science–the issues are simple and easy to understand. And a new city hall, economic development, the city’s bond rating, and blowing a million bucks on two stupid signs are BIG issues.

      So how am I taking ADVANTAGE of my platform? By reporting the TRUTH of these issues, and emphasizing their IMPORTANCE!?

  • Ira

    That makes no sense:

    They voted no on taking even the first step toward a new construction. And they were waiting for a new Commission so they could do it more cohesively?

    What does THAT mean?

    • barb

      They did vote no, it however was discussed during workshops and there was no agreement on anything. So why spend money if there is no consensus. Just like they discussed no one from the commission being on the anniversary committee yet at the meeting Gold threw his name in.

      • Ira

        How come workshops aren’t recorded–even though Vignola proposed this awhile back? (It failed in vote 4-1). A workshop is nothing more than the commission getting together and discussing a topic–out of the public eye, and no record of what was said.

        But how did FOUR commissioners who voted against Gold’s city hall all of a sudden vote YES on Boccard’s? LESS THAN A YEAR LATER!? (Okay–maybe a little MORE than a year.)

        And here’s a fact for you:

        They never “discussed” no one from the commission serving on the anniversary committee. They only brought this up AFTER Gold put his application in. But mind you:

        I have no problem with preventing ex-commissioners from serving in ANY post-office position. And now that they set these rules for Gold, let’s see if they can live with them for themselves.

        But please don’t try to rewrite history and the timelines of this.

        • The Truth Seeker

          Actually the truth is workshops ARE RECORDED. Now if you wanted to know what they were wearing you’d be out of luck but workshop agendas and meeting materials are posted on the city website in advance and an AUDIO recording of the workshop is available as public record from the city clerk’s office. A .pdf summary/minutes of the workshop is also posted on the city website. And the public is also welcome at a workshop so residents are free to attend any they wish. So saying “A workshop is nothing more than the commission getting together and discussing a topic–out of the public eye, and no record of what was said.” is absolutely not true.

          • Ira

            You’re wrong. They’re not recorded.

            And the public isn’t invited–where did you get THAT from?

            Commissioners may APPROVE a resident to attend, which had never been mentioned…ever…at a Commission meeting…but it’s not an open forum for the people.

            What kind of bullshit are you trying to peddle here?

            A PDF summary is an after-the-fact “record” of the workshop. A summary written and approved by someone:

            It’s not a word for word record.

            In fact, there are zero regulations associated with a “workshop,” which is why this Commission LOVES them!

            But you said they were recorded, right? So can you give us a link to this, and not just the last two months, where they’re going for reelection?

          • The Truth Seeker

            My friend, I am The Truth Seeker because I research and get facts before I speak. When I give my opinion I will state so clearly. I am not the one peddling bullshit.

            City Commission Workshops are considered public meetings and are as such just that – public. No prior approval by any commissioner or city employee is needed. Drive over to city hall and go to the West Wing Conf Room (or wherever the meeting may be) and have a seat and observe. The city and commissioners are 100% transparent whether you wish to believe it or not. Just because things may not be advertised or made easy for you doesn’t mean it’s not true. The only thing about a workshop is a resident cannot get up and speak like at a commission meeting. But you sure can sit there and watch and listen. I never said it was an “open forum”, just public and recorded.

            Ok, so you want the proof, my pleasure. Will last June as an example work for you? Go to the city website at Scroll back to whatever you want to see. In this example the June 26, 2013 City Commission Workshop. Click on minutes ( I am not going to debate on the ‘accuracy’ of the minutes, they are what they are. Scroll down to the bottom where you will find “This meeting was recorded and a tape recording is on file in the Office of the City Clerk for five years pursuant to Florida law and City policy. These minutes are a permanent public record of the City of Coral Springs maintained in the Office of the City Clerk.” I believe that would be your ‘word for word record’.

            Need I say more? I am here because I am tired of to use your phrase the Bullshit being peddled. Like I said, sure I have my opinions and I will state them as such. But facts are facts. Just because you write something here doesn’t make it so. If I am ever given wrong information, which can happen, I will be glad to admit my error and tell you why. Can you do the same?

  • jhkilroy

    You do realize that the new city hall will hopefully last 50 years like the current one which means a lot of us will be DEAD when a new one is built – SO WHY NOT BUILD A NICE ONE ?!? This city wastes more money on pension plans and perks – take it out off that and build something to be PROUD of.

  • Ira

    OH!!! NOW I SEE!!!

    Your words, not mine:

    “During the meeting when they were voting on members for the anniversary
    committee they said they were confused because it had been discussed at a
    workshop and they had decided that no one from the sitting commission
    would be on it. That was said at the Commission meeting and because it
    was a while ago can’t really say with a high level of conviction what
    was actually said, but the gist of it was Roy Gold said that yes they
    discussed it and he disagreed so he put in his name.”

    That clears it up! The city commissioners decided at a “workshop,” arbitrarily, that no one on the city commission would be on it. Nothing to do with established rules or anything; they just decided it for this once.

    But you forgot something:

    Gold was out of office and allowed to apply once his term expired. He was no longer the sitting mayor. But the sitting commissioners still claimed that he couldn’t be considered because…he couldn’t be considered because…

    Wait. You left out that part.

    Exactly why couldn’t he be considered, considering your interpretation of the events as you’ve written above?

    • barb

      I have to say now it just seems like you want to argue the point instead of actually understanding how it went down. First of all I didn’t say arbitrarily, I said there was a discussion, something people frequently do, and I imagine they all gave their reasons, I wasn’t there. So you want to know why he couldn’t be on it after???? I would imagine because he had become such a pain in the ***** that they no longer wanted to deal with him. Just like Gold voted against Stephanie Kraft and Scott Brook….that was his right to do also.

      • Ira

        It was arbitrary. If Powers was in the same situation, he would have been voted in.

        And how is my pointing this out being “argumentative” to you? Are you used to always getting your way? Sorry “Barb,” but that’s not how the world works.

        I WAS there, I was AT the meeting, and they dumped it on Donmez to explain their purely political reasons.

        And let me guess:

        You probably thought they did a FANTASTIC job on this year-long event–even though 90% of Coral Springers didn’t even know it was fucking going ON!

        • barb

          LOL 90% of Coral Springers don’t even vote. Most don’t care about all the events and I personally thought the whole anniversary thing was stupid and a waste of money.
          It doesn’t really matter if it was arbitrary, they didn’t want him on the committee, so what? Their reasoning made sense to me and obviously Gold knew he wouldn’t be accepted and decided to throw a temper tantrum about the whole thing and thats how I saw it. If you don’t play nice in the sandbox others will not want to play with you anymore. On more than one occasion he was condescending and just plain rude to the others on the commission. Having sat through meetings you had to have seen that.
          I am also wondering why if comments are being monitored, Why your foul language is not addressed? It truly isn’t neccessary, I get it you are ticked off, use a punctuation mark, it works just as well and doesn’t make you sound ignorant.

  • springsvoter

    You mentioned that when giving an answer, Commissioner Powers did not tell the truth. I have also heard Commissioner Powers make several statements that are simply not true. I think his credibility; ethics, integrity, prejudices and bias, along with limited transparency in the Commission and City Hall are key additional issues that voters should consider during this election. In my opinion, Commissioner Powers’s actions demonstrate little concern for the residents of the City and he appears to act as a puppet for the City Police Union and a few other special interest groups.

    Commissioners Boccard and Powers, according to newspaper articles, were accused of violating the Sunshine Law by meeting Police Union Officers Michael Hughes and Christopher Swinson in
    a Margate Sports Bar. When the criminal case was dismissed, according to newspaper articles, the Judge mentioned to the State Prosecutor that the Police Union Officers were weak witnesses against Boccard and Powers. Previous newspaper articles stated the Officers were reluctant witnesses.

    Why did Boccard and Powers find a need to travel and meet with City Police Union Officers in a Margate Sports Bar? Why didn’t they simply meet in an open scheduled meeting in a City Hall Office? If the Commissioners or Police Union Officers wanted to meet and spend money in a Sports Bar, they could have at least shown some support for the City that provides their salaries by staying in the City and spending the money in a Coral Springs Sports Bar. Why did they travel to Margate? Why didn’t they stay in the City?

    Did Commissioners Boccard and Powers exercise poor judgment? The meeting cost City taxpayers approximately $90,000.00 to defend the State criminal charges against Boccard and Powers. This money probably came from resident’s property taxes.

    According to newspaper ararticles, the Police Chief alerted the State Attorneys Office to the alleged
    Sunshine Law violation. Shortly after the Criminal Trial, when Commissioners Boccard and Powers returned to the Commission, the then City Manager, City Attorney and Police Chief all resigned. Coincidence? According to newspaper articles, Commissioner Powers had differences with the City Manager and the Police Chief.

    According to newspaper articles, Officer Michael Hughes was at the Margate Sports Bar meeting. Is this
    the same Officer Michael Hughes that was recently arrested, on or about September 4, 2014 along with Officer Doug Williams and Officer Sherry Williams? If so, it brings up a few interesting questions and deserves an explanation as to why Officer Hughes was placed on leave WITH PAY, but Officer Sherry Williams resigned.

    The charges against the Officers are essentially the same. The Officers maintain their innocence. Was
    Officer Sherry Williams given the same opportunity as Officer Hughes to be placed on administrative leave WITH PAY? If not, was there some type of favoritism toward Officer Hughes? If so, why?

    Within the last few days, on October 1, 2014, according to newspaper articles, Officer Hughes was suddenly shifted to leave without pay pending a hearing to take place on October 11, 2014. Why the sudden change to a leave without pay? Did someone start asking the obvious questions?

    Did Mayor Boccard or Commissioner Powers have any past or recent conversations with the City
    Manager, the Police or anyone else concerning Officer Hughes? If so, shouldn’t Mayor Boccard and Commissioner Powers have excused themselves to eliminate any shadow of impropriety? With the current lack of transparency, will the voters ever know what really transpired? Will they ever know who is really making the decisions in City Hall?

    It appears that Commissioner Powers is doing whatever is in the best interest of the Police Union, the
    current City Manager, City Hall employees and what he refers to as his Team. He seems to act as if the
    residents and taxpayers only purpose is to provide support and income to the Commission, City Hall and his Special interest. He seems to have the proper leadership priorities reversed.

    There are more issues to this election than just a Bond Issue for a new City Hall. The residents need a
    leader they can trust. They need a leader that has good judgment, high ethics, credibility and honesty. They need a leader that will provide transparcy in the Commission and City Hall. They need a leader that has a true desire and passion toward providing an agenda that directs the Commission and City Hall to work in the best interest of the residents and the taxpayers. Commissioner Powers appears to only do what’s best for himself, some special interest and his Team. In my opinion, when all the
    facts and the issues are known, voters will find that he is not the best person available to provide leadership in the City.